Top 5 Things To Do In Tulum At Night

Tulum’s beautiful white-sand beaches and other attractions make it the most ideal place to enjoy the cool breeze of the day.

However, there are more incredibly interesting things to do once the sun goes down. Nighttime in Tulum hosts different exciting moments, including vibrant party scenes, restaurants, and bars. These parties are not as hard as it is in places like Cancun, it is, however, a lively place to enjoy every bit of the night with an array of drinks, music, and fun-filled atmosphere.

If you have planned to have your next holiday in the Mexican city of Tulum, the nightlife activities will make you crave a longer stay.

Tulum provides you with loads of fun and incredible nightlife scene and you will never get bored till dawn. For people wondering what to do at night when they get to Tulum, you will learn the top 5 things to do during the dark hour period in this article.

Here are the top five things to do at night when you visit Tulum.

1. Papaya Playa Project

papaya playa project

Whether it’s your first time in Tulum or not, you just have to admit no other activity will make yoke nightlife moments better than the Papaya Playa Project. It is popular for its hedonistic full moon party that takes place every month. The project has turned to be a legendary activity in Tulum on the local party scene which welcomes several people that want to experience a cool and super fun-filled night. The Papaya Playa Project always takes place on Saturday nights that fall closest to the celestial fill moon.

You have every moment to enjoy toll dawn during the Papaya Playa Project as it brings different people in Tulum together to play, including the most stylish people and models. It also welcomes various artists, tourists, and locals from different parts of Tulum who want to dance to tracks spun, and interestingly, you will find some of the top world’s DJs ready to make it a danceable night

Papaya Playa is one of the most notable social monthly gatherings in Tulum, there is a vibe you will never want to miss, including a cool but always chill dress code. A helpful tip before heading to PPP is to avoid putting on heels because there are several steps while the dance floor is on the beach.

2. Gitano

gitano tulum

Not many places in the world would agree that weekends begin on Thursday. Incredibly, when you get to Tulum, the official start to the weekend begins on Thursdays, especially Thursday nights. If Thursdays will be the official start to weekends in Tulum, then you shouldn’t miss out on Gitano as it is a place to see and be seen. Tulum is home to Gitano, an elegant bar and restaurant which is very popular for its various mescal menu.

Gitano will make your night as it provides you with an ideal place for relaxation in the lush jungle garden. You don’t have to relax alone as there are different tasty cocktails you sip to spice up your moments. The hypnotic sound from local and resident DJs will help you dance the night away. What more can you dream of in Tulum when you spend your night in Gitano?

It has all yóò need to keep you sipping more drinks all through the night. You will also enjoy smaller jungle parties from Sunday to Thursday.

3. Kin Toh – Beach Town

kin toh tulum

This bar has got one of the best designs in Tulum as it offers one of the most pleasurable night moments. The bar features outdoor “nests” where you can have better relaxation with sunset views over the jungle. You don’t need to worry about spending your night till dawn as the bar understands you would be carried away with leads of excitement. You can choose from a wide range of catamaran nets for lounging.

The signature drinks in Kin Toh are carefully and thoughtfully crafted and you will also enjoy the food served in the bar’s main restaurant. A visit to this bar to enjoy your night will go for a minimum consumption of 25 dollars and will be charged to the card the moment you set foot in the bar.

4. Salsa Night at La Zebra

Tulum is known for its amazing weekend life in the countryside and you shouldn’t spend a Sunday night without taking part in the Sunday Salsa.

La Zebra Hotel hosts guests and families to a friendly and home-away-from-home nicety. The Salsa night comes with lots of fun and education for adults and kids. Starting with hour-long (6:30 to 7:30) free lessons, the Salsa Night treats guests to a three-hour dancing to music from a live band. The Hotel’s restaurant and main bar, The Mulberry Project, serve the party. Besides, the avenue also offers guests a collection of handmade cocktails.

Guess what? All these amazing services are offered for free. This is one event you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. Batey

Every nightlife lover would want to spend a moment or two in Batey as it is popularly known for its eclectic decor and a mojito machine. Located in the beautiful city of Tulum, Batey is a beautiful and super trendy place if you want to have cool moments with drinks, great foods, and incredible night moments coupled with nice music.

Batey is a cool artist bar and restaurant that welcome several people to enjoy their night. Usually, the bar and restaurant are home to an artist creating paintings on the premises. Batey is not only a place to enjoy drinks or varieties of food but you will calmly listen to an array of music, ranging from jazz to electronic and live bands.


Tulum as a beautiful city in the heart of Mexico has everything to ensure your stay is an unforgettable one. While you have varieties of activities to make your moment during the daytime, the nightlife in Tulum sums up your day when you visit any of the above places in Tulum.

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